Kauai County Farm Bureau Fair

If you happen to be on Kauai during the annual County Farm Bureau Fair, we highly recommend you check it out. It takes place in Lihue from Thursday to Sunday, the last week of August. There is a little something for everyone in your party, such as a large choice in food - including all your fair favorites like deep fried Oreos, many local associations, and a government and history info both.

And of course, the best part, the animals. All the farm animals at the fair are part of the 4-H livestock organization, including the petting zoo.

Many activities and demonstrations are scheduled daily during the event. This includes livestock showing by their young owners/handlers. You will find out that's it's quite difficult to show a pig, because it has no leash and like to just randomly walk around the arena and sometime get into fights (or steal your cotton candy).

You can admire all the fruits, vegetables and herbs competing for best in show. As well as many plants, including orchids and bonsai.

And for your kids or the little kid inside you there are plenty of rides and games.

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