Interview with Pew-Pew

Pew-Pew, could you let our readers know who you are?

I am a beautiful wild hen. I was born almost a year ago and first was raised by a neighbor. Eventually, I went back into the wild and decided that I liked this cul-de-sac and especially this home where food was shared with me.

Were you worried when the new owner moved into the house?

Not really...on day one I came around 6 am to the door and loudly requested my breakfast for my 9 chicks and me. The new owners fast understood that I know what I want and I always get it. Sometimes they pretend that they are not at home, so I have to go on the lanai and look inside the house and tell them to stop whatever they are doing and feed me.

You mentioned your 9 chicks, where are they now?

When my chicks were 4 months old, after attending to them day and night, I decided to let them figure it out on their own. You see, I have met this gorgeous roaster named Roux and he and I had a great romance.

How is the romance with Roux going?

It was short and intense and now I have 8 beautiful chicks. They were born at the beginning of August.

We heard there is a cat in the home, is this a problem for you?

Not at all, we had a talk and I made it clear not to mess with me and my chicks.

Anything else you will like to add?

I have no tolerance for my now older chicks. If they come close to me and the new chicks I tell them to scram. It's time for them to find their own house.

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