More Renovations!

We updated you on the bathroom renovation in the Coco Verte suite, and now we've replaced the bathtub in the Tropical suite.

​For those that don't remember, the shower and bathtub downstairs were a single fiberglass unit with tile surrounding. The tub had a rather soft floor, which we found out was due to some wood rot in a supporting structure underneath.


No worries, though - we blocked a full week for maintenance, and with an intrepid crew were able to replace replace questionable wood and install a new tub.

With the plumbing installed, the tile backer boards sealed, and everything dry, we were ready to move forward to the critical piece - retrofitting tile into an existing design. Thank you Home Depot for continuing to carry this tile!

We'd love feedback on this updated bathroom if you choose to stay in this suite on your next Kauai vacation.

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